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Prestige Association Management Group is lead by Sarah Eldridge, who has two decades of experience in property management and board relations in Houston and surrounding areas. The dedicated team at Prestige provides professional community management services for your community. 

We have offices in Kingwood, East Houston, and Conroe. Our approach to managing an association emphasizes financial responsibility, proactive physical property management, building harmony and a spirit of community, and maintaining open lines of communication between the owners, the boards and management team.

The Prestige Difference

Prestige Association Management Company’s strength lies in its
originality and flexibility. We have taken the time to listen to our
communities and learn exactly

what they want. The benefit of this
attitude is the many special programs we have developed.

We have a complete package of insurance policies specifically designed for communities with premiums priced at group rates. These policies, including casualty, liability, umbrella and other coverage, are unparalleled in the industry – both in terms of coverage and in terms of premium discounts. Any or all insurance claims or repairs will be administered and overseen by your management team.

Special Programs 


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